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had freezing rain before it kicked the snow which is about the worse-case scenario. here's the deal. because of the expected winter storm, it is impending now. the governor of virginia declared a state of emergency for today and saturday for the entire state. and vdot crews are gearing up. >> jet ski. >> reporter: the annual boat show in fredericksburg opened a day earlier than planned because of the impending snowstorm. >> around here, one inch or even the possibility of an inch will keep people inside and we want them here. >> reporter: the fredericksburg area will see four to eight inches of snow. >> i'm sure the weather will probably slow some people down on saturday. >> to keep the traffic going, vdot cranks up in high good morning they have been prepping salt and sand trucks. >> good thing this is a weekend. hopefully with the storm coming in early on saturday we will be able to get a good jump on the storm. biggest thing is everybody slow down and give our vehicles some operating space. >> reporter: vdot says don't
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pass snowplows and spreaders unless it is necessary. they say most roads will be treated 48 to 72 hours after the snow is stopped. that means we will have to wait until late saturday night for that snow to stop. to check road conditions, virginians can call 511 or visit 511 at we will come back and may have to break out the bread-o-meter. >> i think it may come back. >> like your thinking. >> breaking news in prince georges county where there's a guilty plea in a street racing accident where eight people were killed two years ago. >> armando trull is out there in upper marlboro with details. armando? >> i was there the day that accident happened and i still remember stunned survivors talking about two cars coming out of the mist with no head lights on and striking a crowd
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of 200 people sending bodies and body parts flying in all directions. today in prince georges county courtroom, two years after the accident happened, a small measure of justice with no real peace. eight people died and five more were hurt after they were allegedly hit by illegal street racers on a dark street of indian head highway in prince georges county. the horrible accident happened around 3:00 in the morning on february 1 th, 2008. taylor and bullock were driving white crown victorias at the time of the accident. and today, bullock pled guilty to eight charges of vehicular manslaughter and faces 15 years in prison. >> you have have a change of views on 15 years as a sentence. my view is it was the right number. i'm sure there will be people who will feel there should be more and people who feel there should be less. >> this is a lesson not just for my child, me and it should
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be a lesson for the adults. that you can't do drag racing on the state highway period. >> taylor goes to trial on monday. mr. bullock will be sentenced march 1st. live in prince georges county courthouse, armando trull for 9 news now and >> all right. well, hacking and grade changing at one of the most prestigious schools in montgomery county and student students react to the scandal. bruce leshan has the latest. >> reporter: the headline today is that it is now starting to look like this perhaps is not as widespread as we might have feared. investigators say that it looks like about a half dozen students knew about this. how many of them were actively involved is another question. they say three teachers were
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actually hacked and as many as 30 students had their grades changed. >> completely wrong and i can't believe it happened. >> reporter: surprise and disappointment at churchill high school. investigators are interviewing students and trying to figure out who came up with the scheme. >> at a time the kids spent hacking could have spent time studying like the rest of us. >> reporter: the surprising thing it may not have taken much time at all. google key logger and you will find dozens of sites, software a hacker can use to track every key stroke someone uses on the key board. they believe someone took a thumb drive in the computers of three teachers and then logged the passwords they used to get in to their on-line grade books and simply went and changed the grades. >> they just want to get in to college and they have a lot of pressure on them. so they kind of get trapped. >> i'm -- it is a prestigious
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reputation so to get straight asin a school like churchill is something fantastic on a high school transcript. >> reporter: they are stepping up computer security to avoid a repeat. >> we can tell the computers yes you can plug a usb device in to here but it can only do this and this and not this. >> reporter: the implications for the students involved are enormous. >> our expulsion. >> reporter: there is plenty of anger about the fallout for a school that's always had a fantastic reputation. >> i'm concerned that kids at this school would think of something like this to do. it's ashame. >> reporter: the resource officer has been involved in the questioning going on here at the school with the students but it is still not clear if there are criminal charges that could grow out of this. back to you. >> thank you for that. derek? >> well, a kansas jury had no problem today convicting the
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killer of an abortion provider. even scott's lawyer acknowledged the case was hopeless after his client's courtroom confession. drew levinson has reaction from withwichita. >> reporter: scott roeder admitted he killed dr. till bier the wichita jury had to decide was it murder. that took a half hour. >> we the jury find the defendant scott roeder guilty of the crime of first-degree murder. >> he showed no emotion as the verdict was read. >> reporter: last may he walked in to a church service during sunday services and shot dr. tiller in the head. he showed no remorse as he testified. the only way to stop the doctor was to kill him. >> i did what i thought needed to be done to protect the children. i shot him. >> reporter: prosecutors said the jury had to convict roeder. >> this is a man, who given the
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opportunity would probably do it again. >> reporter: tiller's family issued a statement "we hope george can be remembered for his legacy of service to women, the help he provided for those who need it and the love and happiness he provided us as a husband father and grandfather. >> reporter: defense attorneys were counting on the judge to allow jurors to consider a lesser charge of involume voluntary glen it was our hope. presidentty crushing once he decided he wasn't going to give it. >> reporter: he could spend the rest of his life in prison. sentencing is scheduled for march 9th. >> prosecutors say they are hoping the judge will give till they are maximum -- i'm sorry roeder the maximum sense which is 50 years to life. her parents say a wealth of physical evidence has been found at the site where morgan harrington's remains were round -- were found. a spokesperson for virginia
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state police confirmed that investigators have received numerous tips since the remains of the virginia tech student were uncovered. a coroner has not determined how she died. tonight a suspected arsonist is in custody charged with setting a fire that could have killed a montgomery county police officer. raven masters of hyattsville was arrested in connection with an apartment fire on eagle nest court last week. the officer targeted previously arrested masters on an unrelated charge. investigators say that is why the suspect set that fire. a baltimore resident is in custody after being busted with nearly seven pounds of heroin. those drugs were discovered in the false bottom of a suitcase at bwi airport. he had just returned from ghana. he was picked out at random for a secondary search and was carrying $6,000 in cash. virginia lawmakers are targeting drivers who are not paying their fair share on the dulles toll road. they passed a bill to add
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cameras to the dulles toll road to crack down on motorists who use the access road to avoid paying tolls on the toll road. a spokesperson says 1100 drivers were ticketed for breaking that law last year. a snag today on the new aero-train at dulles airport the train went out for 40 minutes. a firefighter mistakingly left a door open on one of the cars while responding to an alarm. the delay forced six united airlines passengers to miss their connections. we told you about the trouble with toyota's gas pedal system for days now. today the company announced it has a fix they are the problem. and dealers will begin to schedule millions of customers for the repairs. the recall affects 4 million toyota vehicles. an investigation on captiol hill is slated to begin next month to figure out if the american public is at risk. a tribute today to a radio
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icon. donnie simpson has been part of the local air waves for more than three decades he signed off today but don't call it a retirement. kristin fisher sat in on his farewell show this morning on wpgc. >> reporter: donnie simpson's been doing his thing on dc's air waves for 32 years. >> i'm a music man. i love music. all kinds of things. >> reporter: today is his final day on the air at wpgc. >> the listeners is what i will miss most. we have spent so many mornings together over the last 30 plus years. i had a listener call in yesterday morning and she's crying and this is so hard for me. your voice has always been there in the morning. i feel the same thing. that i have always talked to you every morning, and now i won't do that. so, you know, but it comes a time when, you know, you have to move on. god wants me in a different spot right now, and that's what i have to do. >> reporter: but simpson's last day was the first day i'd ever
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met him and let's just say it was a memorable experience to say the at least. >> you are beautiful. i'm not used to seeing women like you in real life. i thought i was in a music video [ laughter ] i do appreciate that. that laugh, that smile and his love of music that made him a living legend in dc radio. listeners and friends filled the attitude onowe on his final day and/celebrities blew up the lines. >> i don't want people to call it retiring because i don't see it as that. hell i'm not old enough to retire. kristin fisher, 9 news now and >> thank you, donnie simpson. >> later in the day donnie simpson found a way to give back to his listeners. he met them at, where else, ben's chili bowl. it was a love fest at the standing room only washington landmark. the 32 year radio legend even picked up the tab, pretty big one for all the fans that came
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down. >> might have been traffic problems around there. >> speaking of traffic, let's get to patranya bhoolsuwan. it is friday and you know what that means [ no audio ] coming up the dog rescued from flooding in california. back now with his rightful owner. and president obama and the gop travel to neutral territory to find common ground. i'm joel brown in baltimore. the story's coming
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on wall, stocks are dangerously close to falling below the ten thousand mark. the dow closed down 53. the nasdaq down 31 and the s&p dropped ten. president obama tackled some tough questions from the opposition during a visit to a republican congressional retreat in baltimore. he urged them to find common ground with the democrats to move his agenda forward. topping that list, putting americans back to work. joel brown is joining us live from baltimore with the story. hi, joel. >> reporter: , look, we don't want to overstate what happened here today but the president and gop took a small step here in baltimore toward bridging the political divide back in washington. president obama asked republicans to put people before politics. >> i don't believe that the american people want us to focus on our job security. they want us to focus on their job security. >> reporter: republicans were glad the president came to visit, but there were some
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tough questions and tense moments. >> you are soon to submit a new budget, mr. president. will that new budget, like your old budget triple the national debt and continue to take us down the path of increasing the cost of government to almost 25% of our economy. >> i have to take this last question as an example of how it is very hard to have the kind of bipartisan work we are going to do. because the whole question was structured as a talking point in time. >> reporter: the president did use his speech here in baltimore to highlight areas where democrats and republicans have worked together. he pushed them to do the same on issues that have sharply divided the capitol, like health care reform. but republicans argue they want their ideas taken seriously before they'll support a health care overhaul. >> so if you are really serious about building a bipartisan product that you can bring through the legislative process, you have to do it at the beginning. >> reporter: the president's meeting with the gop came after he visited this factory in
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baltimore. both stops were designed to send think same message that president obama wants to put politics aside and focus on getting americans back to work. republicans say they want the same thing. while getting both sides in to the same room was a step forward there's a long way to go before they agree on solutions. so, where do we go from here? president obama says he'd like to do more of these sessions. republicans, are calling on nancy pelosi and harry reid to follow the president's lead and meet with them, as well. >> back to you. >> we'll see that. all right. thank you. president obama maybe taking the loss of the senate seat in massachusetts a bit personally because the winner scott brown and the president are actually related. the new england historic genealogy book society says they are tenth cousins. now, after hearing the news, brown said, i'm glad to be in
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such distinguished company and it also turns out brown is related to six other presidents including george h.w. bush, george w. bush and richard nixon. >> i don't think you are related if you are tenth cousins. you can marry your tenth cousins. a dog tale in california. you may remember these pictures of the canine being rescued from the rushing waters of what los angeles calls a river last week. it unfolded on live tv. we showed you the video. now the owners have come forward to claim their pooch. >> i'm glad they rescued him or else he could have died in the river. >> gave me his hand and no doubtsthis our dog. >> reporter: theys reed him. his name is spikey and the owner believes spikey wandered in to the river when her grand kids left the back door open
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and he said i'm out of here. that's what dogs do. dogs make a run for the border. >> i think we also said during the rescue he bit the guy who rescued him. >> he was scared to death. but he was fine. >> didn't know what it was. >> we are not talking rain today but snow. >> so cold. it is ridiculously cold. temperatures never made it out of the 20s today and the system is creeping a little further north so you snow geese have to be happy especially if you live north of town. more snow south of town, 25 tomorrow. that's it. that maybe generous, too. 29 on sunday with sunshine. 39 on monday. drum roll please. thank you. okay. here we go. this is a tough bread-o-meter. i had to split it. we will give it a 4.5 as an average but for you folks in
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the south, in st. mary's county and southern maryland, fredericksburg and the northern neck it is a solid eight. those in frederick got a two. i ended up with a 4.5. never split it before but i had to. here's what we are thinking. a twice to two inches north of town. two to four inches through the metro. four to eight south. could be a good storm for you folks in southern maryland, it will be. and six plus toward richmond. i think they will see 11 inches or more and norfolk could see as much as 16 inches. through the metro, two to four inches. and we will keep you posted. one reason we are going with these amounts is because it is so cold. a tenth of an inch of liquid will give us two inches of snow. tonight thickening cloudiness, very cold, light snow by dawn well south of town. if you want to do something tonight you can. no snow tonight. winds from this north at ten. look at these lows tonight, 15
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great falls. 20 bethesda. 18 silver spring and temperatures will have a hard time recovering tomorrow with the clouds and snow and the northeast wind. 26 right now in gaithersburg and vienna. 27 woodbridge. only 28 in fredericksburg. cloudy and cold for tomorrow. in the morning, light snow is possible but mainly south of town. up to charles county, teens and 20s. by afternoon, cloudy and cold with snow. heavier south. we will say two to four for the metro. four to eight to the south. high temperatures 20 to 25. winds northeasterly at ten. it is a pretty big storm. it is hammered i-40 and it is progressing to the east. right here in northwestern arkansas is video for you from fenton county. check this out. almost pure snow there. some areas south had some freezing rain south of 40. these guys are north of that and it was very, very slippery. they had a as much as six inches of snow in benton county
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in northwestern arkansas. that's pretty impressive for them. back to the computer. it is sliding to the east and it will give us a glancing blow. big enough storm to make a difference. 25 tomorrow, snow, 29 on sunday. upper 30s on tuesday and wednesday. low 40s on thursday. snow geese will hate this. 37 with heavy rain on friday. so get ready for that. a cold nasty rain. >> just ten degrees cooler, huh, top? >> coming up, john travolta talks about how his family is dealing with the death of his son. plus, the judge makes a ruling concerning a possible sex tape involving john edwards. you want to be around for
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i'm peggy fox with, the website working to improve the lives of local moms. this week we got together to help others. we put together emergency health kits for the people of
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haiti if you would like to make your own bags to send, go to to find out what specific items need to be put in the bags. it is on the front page of the former presidential candidate john edwards is involved in a tug of war over an alleged sex tape at the heart of a tell-all book.
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his former misstress is demanding the tape be returned. it was supposedly made while hunter was having her affair with edwards. hunter filed a lawsuit against him and his wife claiming they invaded her privacy. the judge granted a temporary retraining order preventing the tape to be released. john travolta walked the red carpet in new york city with his wife to promote his new film to paris with love. shooting wrapped up days before jet travolta's death one year ago. >> work hard every day with our church on healing and kelly and i anneal have been working hard and they have been helping us. so i think once you get yourself stable then you are able to reach out again. this whole year we have been working on stabilizing ourself and it has been successful so
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far. coming up, plans to prosecute five alleged terrorists in new york city may be changing. plus, tonight's friday's hero segment looks at a place where people turn in tough times. stay with us. doctors return from haiti with heart breaking and heart warming stories. i'm peggy fox. the story is coming up. ñññññññññññññññññññññññññññññ
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welcome back. let's reset the top stories in the news now. as virginia braces for snow this weekend, governor bob mcdonnell already declared a state of emergency. topper says areas close to fredericksburg could see four to eight inches of the white stuff tomorrow. a guilty plea for one of two men accused in a street race that killed eight people in maryland. 21-year-old bullock faces up to 15 years in prison and is sentencing is march 1st. computer security is being stepped up at churchill high school after a student trying to change grades was uncovered. they believe the hackers improved the grades as many as 30 class might mates. a group of local doctors is just back from haiti after helping hundreds of injured people there. as peggy fox reports their stories are heart breaking. >> the patient was in contractions. it's horrible to watch. >> reporter: he was part of a
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team of doctors in haiti delivering emergency medical care. they arrived four days after the quake. he had to do seven amputations. one on a woman who had a wall fall on her hand. >> she had gone on for a prolonged number of days and developed essentially gangrene so her tissues are essentially dead and we had to amputate her left arm all the way up to the shoulder. >> reporter: the haitian people were grateful for the help and often cared more about others than themselves. one patient surprised this doctor when he allowed several other patients to go ahead of him. the doctor mistakingly thought he just had a scratch. >> i looked down and his finger was down to the bone and it was raw and gangrene from here on up and they were the process of amputating his finger. this guy had to be in so much pain and he didn't flinch. the humanity was just -- it is one of those things you will remember the rest of your life.
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>> reporter: the doctors went to haiti with a group called community coalition for haiti, which has been working in that country for 22 years. >> reporter: they plan to continue and strengthen their presence, trying to fill a deep void. >> our pediatric residencecy class i heard was killed in the quake as well as their head of pediatric cardiology. >> reporter: they say haiti will need help from all fronts for years to come as many of the country's leaders are gone. peggy fox, 9 news now and >> a u.n. official says there's a grave need for medicine all over haiti, basic medical supplies like antibiotics and painkillers are dangerously low at 1078 hospitals and clinics and aid workers say medicine is third of the liesst list of priorities. the director of the community coalition of haiti says they just sent 16 turns of medical supplies. khalid sheik mohammad an four other alleged accomplices may not be standing trial in
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new york city after all. the justice department is looking for alternative locations since attorney general eric holder announced the manhattan trial last year, public and political opposition has been growing. >> it would be great if the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars which using downtown will. >> my legislation will cut off all funding of all trials from anyone in guantanamo to any court in the united states of america. >> reporter: the federal court is within three blocks of where the world trade center towers once stood. they are not saying where a trial might be held instead but there is speculation it could be outside of a courtroom, maybe near a military base. it will be a new day for walter reed. that was the theme during a special organized tour of walter reed army medical center before the grounds are redeveloped. members of the public , city council and other officials started to visit the wagner sports center, the first thing they went to. one of the campuses newest
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buildings. here's a little history from one of the organizers. >> it was dedicated to lieutenant colonel karen bagger in. there's a plaque outside. she was a former member of staff here at walter reed and she was killed in the pentagon on 9/11. >> reporter: council mebosser helped to organize the tour. she plans a series of walter reed town hall meetings throughout the year. there were hugs, kisses and long good-byes today at andrews air force base because more than 175 dc air national guard members are heading for iraq. a deployment ceremony took place at andrews a few hours ago. that includes pilots, aircraft maintainers and support personnel from dc and virginia. in this week's friday's heros we look at where many are turning in tough economic times. millions of americans have had their homes foreclosured on. they have lost their jobs, and now they are just struggling to survive during the brutal recession. but as digital correspondent
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kristin fisher explains that is where the western fairfax christian ministry steps in. >> which would you like. >> reporter: this is a tough choice for valerie and her son. >> put those in the cart like a big boy. >> that one. >> yeah. >> reporter: tough choices are nothing new to valerie. she chose to take time off of work to take care of her son who was sick with pneumonia and it cost her job. >> due to him having to be out of day care and me having to provide for him and stay home with him i lost my job. so things have been hard and money hasn't been coming in like it is supposed to. >> you want to hold that one. >> yeah. >> all right. >> valerie is going shopping at the western fairfax christian ministry for free. they help with food and rent assistance but this year demand has doubled. >> the demand has increased at least 50%.
5:36 pm
those who we didn't see a year ago are approaching us because the economy is so poor and they are losing jobs and foreclosures on homes. >> reporter: between thanksgiving and christmas the group will give 1200 families holiday baskets filled with food. >> extremely stressful but everyone who works here has a heart for what we do. they want to be able to help every client. >> it's okay. >> it makes us feel as though it is not the end. we have somewhere we can go, where we can actually get food and resources and help. and it should make you feel good as well. >> reporter: western fairfax christian ministries is expand their outreach to include low- cost clothing and household items them organization just opened a thrift store in chantilly. 9 news now and >> melissa janson and pam ryan recently met us us in our studios for a special surprise. 9 news now gave them a
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charitable contribution, $5,000. it was made possible through the gannett foundation, wusa wusa 9 and "usa today." for information on charities we are profiling go to and click on the hero central link. all right. patranya bhoolsuwan is on karpa troll. what's going on the roads. >> i don't want to jinx this but it is not too bad for a friday night. looking at some congestion on 495 and montgomery county approaching colesville from university but no accidents or incidents to report throughout virginia and maryland. so we like. that on the outer loop it will be slow college park to springfield. 35 to 40 minutes. head out to 66 and check out 95. we are tracking the brake lights. heavy between dale city and triangle but total commute time between 495 and fredericksburg right now 40 minutes. not too bad. guys, back to you. you can save the clydesdales. how to help the famous budweiser mascots earn themselves a spot in the super
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. i'm howard bernstein with the living green tip of the day. save money and the environment by making sure your tires are aligned. poor alignment doesn't just make your tires wear out faster it forces your engine to work harder. by making sure it works together you will save up to 20 cents a gallon. when the tires wear out most of it turns to dust. you can get more tips by going to just click on living green. final rehearsals are underway for the weekend grammy awards in los angeles. beyonce leads all the nominees with ten. taylor swift has eight and black eyed peas have six. all three acts are scheduled to perform. there will be an all-star
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tribute to the late michael jackson. >> i'm just honored they asked me and of course we said yes before we even knew the details. i'm there and think it will be a cool moment. there's still time to vote on which song grammy nominated band bon jovi will perform. the final choices are always, it's my life or livin' on a prayer. log on to to cast your vote. the grammy awards will air live from los angeles this sunday at 00, here on wusa 9. >> carrie underwood is a busy woman. she will also be at the super bowl. she will be singing the national anthem before the big game and she won't be alone either. queen latifah will be performing america the beautiful, as well. clydesdales could make a super bowl appearance after all. after saying the horses would not be featured the game, they have had a change of heart and
5:42 pm
is asking fans to vote on three possible budweiser ads on the facebook page. one includes the company's trademark horses. voters have until next week to choose. it airs february 7th here on channel 9 and pregame is at 2:00 p.m. >> you will be here. >> coming up, japanese men mark love your wife day. >> and it is cold outside. how to make sure your efforts to stay warm don't have any unintended consequences. i'm dave owens at nats park. certainly cold out here. the team is turning up the hot stove inside. i will have that story. we'll come back and tell you how this might be your best weapon of choice over the weekend. we will take you out with temperatures 54 yesterday. are you kidding me? it is only 26 now at national. 25 frederick and 21 in cumberland. when we come back, we will talk
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about when the snow rolls in and how much piled up.
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it's a revolution in pain relief.
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(announcer) new icy hot medicated roll. for wherever you hurt. icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away.
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the new icy hot medicated roll. with the roll, pain's under control. heating costs continue to soar and some area families have turned to alternative heat sources to save money. if not used properly, you and your loved ones could pay a high price. >> this demonstration at the training academy shows how quickly flames can ignite from a space heater. >> it's dark, fast, and a fire typically will double in size every minute or so. >> for homeowners who have turned to supplemental heating sources, district fire officials say if you plug in a space heater, take the proper safety measures before you flip it on. >> just give a space heater
5:47 pm
space. >> a good distance is 3 feet away from furniture, clutter, or combustible materials. >> most of them have protect i have shields and face guards. >> they have built-in shut off switches. >> this one is self-contained and it's like a radiator, but it's safe. so you're not exposing combustibles to heating elements. >> fan or coil versions where the heat elements are visible should be used under the watchful eye on an adult. >> they can malfunction. improper fuel is a very explosive situation. >> safety exerts say just use some good common sense.
5:48 pm
if you use a space heater to nip the chill in your home. >> extension cords are a big no, no. but if you have to use one, make sure it's a heavy duty one. don't run the cord under a rug or a carpet or a high traffic area. it will wear out. and never plug a space heater into an overloaded electrical outlet. for more consumer news, go to our website and click on living smart. talk a shoutout? [ indiscernible ] [yelling] >> and it's not even valentine's day day. these japanese men and women gathered to scream out their expressions of love. it was begun by a man who wanted to change the stereotype
5:49 pm
that japanese are not romantic. does this do that? here's a look at what we have new for you tonight. juvenile or adult. whether a 12-year-old charged with killing a pregnant woman should be charged as an adult. and a meteorite that crashed into a doctor's office. and a new recall to tell you about. our big story has been the weather and what's coming. even if it's not going to be targeting us in the middle of the city. all you got to be is a few miles away. >> a glancing blow has enough moisture to give us several inches. maple pollen is out. don't ask me how. >> i think i'm allergic to work. >> they're looking at six to 12
5:50 pm
inches. 25degrees tomorrow and snow. heavier south. 29 on sunday and back up to 39 on monday. on our snowfall accumulation map, two to 4 inches metro. and a trace to 2 inches minority. four to eight to the south. that includes charles and calvert county. charles county south is under advisories. and eight plus towards richmond and norfolk and the northern neck. this is going to be a big storm to the south. and it's so cold and dry. it's almost a 20:1 ratio in terms of rain to snow. >> very cold and light snow by dawn. well south of town. no problems expect for the cold. temperatures right now 26 in channel tilly. tomorrow morning, light snow is
5:51 pm
possible. mainly south. teens and 20s. and by afternoon, very cold with snow, heavier south, 2- to 4-inches metro. the high is only 20 to 25. remember we followed this since it made landfall in california. it's now pushing across i-40. heavy snow across the volunteer state and into kentucky. and eventually this system will get into here. on we're in the low 40s on thursday. looks like a cold rain. >> thank you, tom. people are excited about the nets. >> i just want to have a baseball team. we didn't have one for a long time. i don't care if they stink. i think they're going to move
5:52 pm
from stinkdom. >> their cautionly excited. between the arrival of pudge rodriguez and sean better net among others, life is going to be better. how much better? here's dave owens. freezing cold outside. thank god for the luncheon inside. it was simply an excuse for fans to show their love for the home team. >> we're excited. >> i can't wait. >> meet the press' david gregory presided. familiar faces were everywhere. the president, the manager, is big bopper, is ace. >> our all star third baseman, mr. ryan zimmerman. >> rookie pitcher. some free agent acquisitions, and jason marquis.
5:53 pm
>> it's an exciting time to be here. >> about 300 people showed up today, some expected and others not so much. for example, about midway through the program, the city's highest ranking police officer showed up. >> any truth to the rumor that you've put together an official decree that the nats must win. >> steven strasburg -- he's going to have to put his apprenticeship in in the minor leagues, and we'll see where his talent takes him. >> kids on the i can't say and appreciative players. >> the kind of year we had last year and for the turnout. it shows that the fans care. >> at nats park. i don't think if she cannish any decrees, but she should arrest some people if
5:54 pm
they play like last year. >> they couldn't get arrested. >> well said, thank you. is that it? >> thanks. the workout that gets women back to pre-pregnancy shape and lets the baby in on the action too. stay with us. don't forget we're always online. tonight's living well segment is next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
we checked out a tried and true workout perfect for brand new moms. and baby is welcome too. >> my baby is four months old. >> we do the pilates together. >> she's anxious to get back to
5:58 pm
a pre-baby weight. >> i tried to get back to my normal size. >> their partnering for a good cause, prevention of teen pregnancy. >> we're helping a local foundation to prevent teen pregnancy. >> and hoping to bring all moms closer to their fitness goals. >> it's designed for mothers and newborn babies. it's the mommy and me class. pilates may seem like a fad but the unique combination has been used for years to get right to the core of strongenning abdominal muscles and key core muscles. >> it's using the breath, working on core support, building that core strength back post pregnancy. it enables them to introduce their baby to some movements and is helpful to kind of get babies started on developmental
5:59 pm
milestones. >> reporter: these gentle movements can benefit babies. >> breathing rhythms are natural type of interaction. >> you can't tell a baby what to do. a lot of cute little ones there. and new research shows that the calming techniques can help put colicky babies to sleep at night. and you know you can use the help. for more information go to wusa 9 news now at 6:00 starts now. this is 9:00 news now. and we begin with a storm alert. road crews in virginia's southern region are gearing up for a major storm system. a state of emergency has been issued and some areas in virginia could see up to a

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